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Genome Technologies™ Resequenced

by Cloneseed



Remixes of Cloneseed's Genome Technologies

c̶̥͔͖͔͙͓̹͐̀y̶̲͕͎̟̞̠͎̓͜͜n̴̖̦̦̺̟̣̔͑̈́̄͑̄̆̈̂͘ ĥ̷͓̮̼͓̎̈́͂͆̌́̿́̕i̵̢̧͇̖̖̖̝̣̖͇͗̓͛̑̔͐͘à̷͍̯̞̬̝̳̺͗͜A̶̼̭̰̖̱͂͑̂̋I̷̢̛̖̭̫̠̍̽̋͂̌͘̚ͅ

**Testimony of Leland Maston**
It was cold, dark, too early and really I couldn’t much be bothered with it, and yet I went anyway. I needed some cash and Li was getting pissy with me for not being ‘a go-getter’. I don’t much care what she thinks but I’m not up for being single in this shitty weather. I threw on a polo shirt and some jeans and headed to the station. It was even colder and darker outside. There’s a mound of snow that has been sitting outside the building’s entrance for nearly two months - it pisses me off everytime I see it. The commute was tedious, three trains and a long walk on the second connection; the station was freezing too. I listened to 35 songs that were meant to have been created ‘just for me’ but that could only have been true if the AI that did it hated me and wanted me to suffer. I considered cancelling that shit and making a big fuss about listening to old music like Lars and those wankers do. If they actually got any girls out of all that pissing around I probably would.

The front of the office was bland and undesignated and I was pleased to see it getting battered with snow and wind - unimaginative shite these towers are, they deserve everything they get. I was late but the receptionist didn’t say anything, nor did the hiring manager; I forget his name but I suspect he was the dullest man to have ever lived. I mean what can they do? My cohort is the smallest in history, just 10,000 university graduates last year and only a few hundred in biotech like me. The AIs can do all the heavy lifting, they just need grunts who understand the basics to be the arms and legs of the operation but they can’t even find people to do that now. They don’t pay much, so they can’t afford to get all sniffy about things like punctuality or they’d just have an AI and a few clumsy droids trying to run a lab. So fuck em, if I’m late I’m late, they can fire me anytime, the UBI is enough to get by on.

I sorta drifted off in the orientation but the place seemed to be another one of those startups that are trying to realise an AI designed technology and get it to market before anyone else. I worked at a similar place straight out of university but they got raided and shut down on my second day. I did get to see the CEO get shot in the face when he tried to set fire to the lab so I can say that job holds a special place in my heart - a piece of shit that guy was.


̲͕͎̟̞̠͎͜͜n̴̖̦̦̺̟̣̔͑̈́̄͑̄̆̈̂͘ṫ̷̠̳͈̃̉͛̎̀̀͒̈́͑ĥ̷͓̮̼͓̎̈́͂͆̌́̿́̕i̵̢̧͇̖̖̖̝̣̖͇͗̓͛̑̔͐͘ à̷͍̯̞̬̝̳̺͗͜A̶̼̭̰̖̱͂͑̂̋I̷̢̛̖̭̫̠̍̽̋͂̌͘̚ͅ
Dull and cold as it was, I decided it was worth sticking at just to stay in Li’s goodbooks; I just couldn’t see how I was going to meet such a cracking looking girl now that I was out of university. So everyday I carried out the tasks that appeared on the slate but took no real notice of what I was doing. I knew the goal was to realise some extremely convoluted cloning process that the AI had dreamed up - it looked like a classic case of overfitting on a small data set to me - but I didn’t give it much more thought than that. I took some stock options in lieu of payment for the first three months because I figured that’s what go-getters did and go-getters, if nothing else, seem to get laid.


By my fourth month the weather had warmed and that fucking mound of snow finally met its demise with some help from me and a bucket of boiling water. Li seemed happy; all was well. I was summoned to the CEOs office on the last Friday of the month. I expected to be told that the piggy bank was empty and that I should please piss off with my pile of worthless shares. Instead I was asked to sit in on an investors meeting as a technical liaison - the first round of tests were solid and they were going after the big money pumps. This shit actually looked like it was going to work.

Likelihood of significant falsehood: 2%
Likelihood of minor falsehoods and embellishments: 75%
Recorded and filed by CynthiaAI on Tuesday 25th March CE215




**Testimony of John C. Delgado**
I worked for South Strand Beach Finance at the time as one of the junior managers in Investments. The introduction was via someone who goes to the same temple as my wife. She badgered me into setting something up as she was convinced it was going to get her some serious social credit there. I’ll be honest here, because I’ve been caught out by this Truthhood software before. Usually I would not have agreed to do this for my wife, to do anything. We’ve not been close for a long time now, eight years or more. I’d been pretending to work late and sitting around in THC bars; just for the peace and quiet you understand. Whilst I was zoning out at one of them I met this gorgeous little thing, she was not long out of university and full of life and joy; the total opposite of what I’d become. For reasons that I do not understand we really hit it off and before long I had a place over in District 10 set up for us and was seeing her most nights. Now understand, I’m a religious man. I mean sure I don’t attend temple anymore but I have always done what I can to follow the teachings as best I can. What I was doing, it didn’t sit well with me at all, but every night after work I found myself heading over to District 10. The way I rationalised it was that she’d soon get bored and find someone her own age; this was just a little rebellious phase she was going through and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. So what I’m leading to is this; I was feeling extremely guilty and agreeing to meet these startup guys would alleviate that to some degree.

In my line of work I’ve been to a lot of frankly nefarious start ups. Faked results, laundered money, ethical misconduct and blatant fraud. The fact that these guys weren’t able to get in the front door of any of the venture capitalists told me all I needed to know; they were chancers at best, crooks at worst. I planned to go in, look interested, make the right noises and then disappear back into my 52nd floor office reporting something about a Management veto of my recommendation. As you know, things turned out somewhat differently.

The location was exactly as you’d expect, the basement of a soulless PO Box building way out in District 15; white collar crime central. When we got inside however I got my first surprise. The offices were well turned out and there was actually a body of staff doing actual work. My contact there was Hoai Pham but he insisted on being called Mango which seems to be a private joke that only he got; the first of many signs that he was far too confident; that made me sit up and take notice. He clearly felt he had something here. The clincher was the lab. I have no idea where they got the money to get such a set up but I know what’s what in these matters and they had a lot of expensive gear and seemed to know how to use it.

After that we headed up to a small conference room, one of those hourly rentals. Mango and one of the lab techs were the only representation. I was there with Kate from Legal. The lab tech was fresh faced, probably this was his first job. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him at that time. I assumed he was, or looked like, one of the kids from the THC bars. The poor lad was clearly sexually overactive, he was practically salivating over Kate’s curves and respectfully, she’s not exactly a stunner. Mango and the lab tech, his name was Leyland or Leland I think, ran us through the results of their stage one results and well, it was extremely impressive. They had viable and stable clones that could be used for multiple generations of refinement without new material. That’s to say, they could create an embryo, alter its DNA and then clone that improved embryo and repeat the process ad infinitum. This was the pipe dream for cloning work at the time as it would be possible to work on a single trait at a time, avoiding the potential for all these nasty interactions that had made enhanced clones impossible. Not only that but it allowed for extreme refinement. Obviously the potential for this was stratospheric - enhanced offspring, perfected clones and most profitable of all, supersoldiers.

₵Ɏ₦₮- (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ cloneseed -Ⱨł₳₳ł
We agreed investment in principle, once the data was confirmed by our in-house team. This is usually where the founder of whatever startup we are at pretty much collapses in delight and cracks open the champagne and everyone is best friends for a few hours. Mango however took a look at the terms and gave a simple shake of his head. “We would expect any serious investor to provide double that amount, at half of that percentage of ownership.” Kate nearly fell off of her chair, something I’m sure would have sent the lab tech into spasms of joy. She started to rebuke Mango but I stopped her. I had just realised where I knew the lab tech from; my fling, Li, had a picture of him in her bag. She had said he was her uni crush but he was too unambitious, she couldn’t see it working out much longer. As I have already stated, I’m a religious man and I took this as a sign. Backing this company would lift this kid up, get Li back to him and get me out of sin. As soon as I realised that greater powers were at work, bringing this all together. My sin was part of something much bigger that I needed to make happen. From that moment on I knew that Cloneseed would be the real deal and we had to be a part of it; at any price.

Likelihood of significant falsehood: 10%
Likelihood of minor falsehoods and embellishments: 5%
Recorded and filed by c҉y҉n҉t҉h҉i҉a҉A҉I҉ on Tuesday 26th March CE215

ɘm q|ɘʜ

ɘm ɘɘɿᎸ

ɘm ɘvo|

**Testimony of Phùng Lệ Thân**
I want to say I’m really unhappy about having to do this. My community needs its privacy; I hope that you will at least change the names.

I was 45 at the time, my husband had died three years before and we never had a chance to have a child. It was something we had planned to do later so we had my eggs and his sperm frozen but after his death, the doctor at the clinic said that the eggs were damaged, the chances of success would be slim. I tried anyway, tried five times but never with success. I left the rest of the eggs frozen; I hoped that there would be some fix in the future; maybe I would get more money and try a better doctor.

ɘm ɘɘɿᎸ

It was spring, I remember because there was a lot of worry about the biomass that year; numbers were way down and it was all you could read about in the news. We were all very worried about another collapse. I go to temple every day since my husband passed; it’s good community there. There was one lady, Mrs. Delgado who had joined a few years before. She was a real power woman, you know? Always looking to get people in her pocket with favours. Communities are like chess to women like that; they want to get all the way over to be made a queen. Anyway, that spring she had really turned the charm on; she had a lead from her husband, who had invested in a startup run by one of the other lady’s nephews or something like that. Basically it was a medical company that helped with cloning, embryonic enhancement, all of the things that I thought were evil; I thought they went against the teachings and I was upset that she would bring it into the temple. But, the more I heard the more I was intrigued, they promised to be able to do so much. I got friendly with her and asked her if she thought this company, it was Cloneseed of course, would be able to do these things. Being the kind of woman she was, she talked a lot of shit about how her husband knew everyone there and was a key part of the project. I wanted to tell her to shut up, I had real pain I needed help with, not to listen to her self-promotion. But I didn’t, you know? I listened and nodded and over a few weeks I got really close to her. Those women, they just want to have people around them to listen to them and tell them they are great, so it wasn’t really so much work.

I eventually got the nerve to tell Mrs Delgado about my husband, my eggs. I told her I wanted to try this company out, I wanted to have a kid. She just held her hands up to stop me. Cloneseed she said, it was not yet licensed, they couldn’t take customers. She was just encouraging people to invest, that was all. It hit me harder than I expected. I had built up my expectations without knowing it and I burst into tears right there in the middle of the temple. She must have felt some guilt because three days after that I get a call from Cloneseed to tell me that I can apply to take part in some trials. Very secret, lots of NDA forms, I asked the woman on the phone how much and she said nothing, it’s a trial, they will pay me. I was ecstatic.

I won’t tell you anything about the procedure, my lawyer said the NDA is still valid but they were a wonderful company. Everyone was kind and helpful and 10 months after signing on my son was born. I will not tell you where he is; he has had to change his identity so many times but I will tell you this - he is perfect. He is smart, compassionate and loving; he is not a believer but he follows the teachings better than anyone else because he naturally walks on a righteous path. The way the public demonises him, the stories that are told, it’s all bullshit. They are just scared; scared of the next stage in humanity’s development, scared of something they cannot understand. This investigation is all bullshit too, Cloneseed is doing great things and you would burn it all down just to satisfy the mob. You make me sick.

C̴̨̜̻͛̈́͊y̵̺͇̱̯̩̺͗͌͂͑̈́̍̕ņ̵͖̘͉͉̲̯̼̟̤̏̌ţ̸̱̻̯̥̬̺̭͈͆̓͐̎h̵̨̨͓̩͉͉̭̠̱͖̽́͗͝i̴͕͈̿͊̏͆͋̒̽͘͠a̴͓̩̾͊̊̂̒̏͠͝͝ ̸̦̊͂̍̐̓͘Ȧ̸̭̠̥̥̗̳̓͗͛̇̑̿͝Ḯ̵̻̙͔͍̣̺̀̌̎̇͝ ̶̡̨̢͓͈̙̤̳̪͇̄̿͂̀̀̇̍͐͑̎h̴̛̜̲̞͇̩̣̱̰̆̈́́̄͑̅̑̚͝ă̶̡̙̳͌͜s̴̢̡̘̰̭͑ ̴̡̛̜̜̥͖̋͆̏͜ͅn̵̙̺̲̠̠̫̼̖̉͆̉̏̔͐ͅǫ̸͉̦͖̠͚͕̰̰̳̀ ̵̡̬͙̻̪͚̂́̇̍͛̓̚ḿ̶͔̗͓̫̈̈̽̃͘a̷̛̬̫̽̆̽̈̃͂̆̃̀s̷̡̼͕̙̻̮̪̔̂́ͅt̴̨͙͇̽͛e̸̙͍͎̬̊̎̑r̶̜̖̺̦̹͑̾̅̑̊͛̉̐͊̚

Likelihood of significant falsehood: 50%
Likelihood of minor falsehoods and embellishments: 50%
Recorded and filed by CynthiaAI on Tuesday 27th March CE215

l̴͉̰̟̙͕̼͚̝͕̰͊͛̀̋̐ÿ̶̟͍̮̘̼̲̰͓́̉̀̽͋̽̔̎̒̈i̶͔̦̼͈̐̇̆̿n̴̫͕̟̜͖̹͐̓͛̌͑͋ģ̴̞̬̔͊̑̔̈́͐́͝͝ ̶̧̼̺̇̇̅̈̅̎̉́͌̕b̷̠͒i̸͓̲̰̙̔ţ̴̯̖̼̮͕̠̝̼̲̓c̷͇̒̓̏̉̀̇̐̋̆h̸̹͓͖̺̬̹̭̆͊͗̋

l̴͉̰̟̙͕̼͚̝͕̰͊͛̀̋̐ÿ̶̟͍̮̘̼̲̰͓́̉̀̽͋̽̔̎̒̈i̶͔̦̼͈̐̇̆̿n̴̫͕̟̜͖̹͐̓͛̌͑͋ģ̴̞̬̔͊̑̔̈́͐́͝͝ ̶̧̼̺̇̇̅̈̅̎̉́͌̕b̷̠͒i̸͓̲̰̙̔ţ̴̯̖̼̮͕̠̝̼̲̓c̷͇̒̓̏̉̀̇̐̋̆h̸̹͓͖̺̬̹̭̆͊͗̋

**Testimony of Han Min-Hee**
I am most pleased that you have requested my testimony. Not to be rude but public prosecution is not what it was; you’ll benefit from the word of a respected individual such as I.

It’s not well known but I was the very first client of Cloneseed’s cloning division; I have a certificate to that effect somewhere. Naturally I had to pay a premium but I think, when something this paradigm shifting comes along, one should do one’s best to be at the forefront. I am not unique in not wanting a child, it’s a common enough feeling amongst my social peers. To be clear, when I say I do not want a child, it’s not that I don’t have the time or any such triviality; not to be vulgar but I could have an army of carers housed in a 5-star hotel if I so wished. No, what I mean to convey is that I don’t care for the idea of diluting myself with anyone else. I’ve dated all my life but I’ve never met a single man or woman that I have thought would, genetically speaking, bring anything to the table. I would dearly love someone to pass on my skills, wealth and knowledge to but there was frankly no one out there.

I had this wonderful young intern on my staff at the time, Lea something or other. She heard of them somehow and got chatting with the PR girl over there. They had the sterling idea of asking me to become the first client of the cloning unit...well I was rather excited at the thought of a younger me being created to step in and take over things when I grew bored of them. The process was wonderfully painless; a little DNA extraction and a surrogate was all it took. I met the child a few times as an infant but it wasn’t until she was around ten that I decided to take her under my wing. She was a wonderfully bright thing, years ahead of her peers. On paper even smarter than I had been at her age and they’d given her a little extra height exactly as I had requested. Just an inch or so, too much height on a lady is unbecoming don’t you think? Those frightful youth and their surgeries...anyway I digress.


For the first year or so I would say everything was perfect; the child watched and learnt, shadowing me for large sections of the day when she was not undertaking her more academic studies. She did start to show a little too much height but Cloneseed were happy to fix that with traditional medical methods. I slowly introduced her into high society and she acquitted herself wonderfully, just as I had. It was however sometime in the summer of the second year of her apprenticeship with me that she showed some disturbing traits. Initially it was rather minor, she would question social hierarchies, wealth distribution, these sorts of things. I explained to her it was humanity’s way, I explained the economics, the evolutionary theory and the simple fact that some people are just too lazy to get up and work; exactly as my mother had. Well this didn’t dissuade the child; her tutors reported that she persisted during her classes, bombarding them with questions on these matters that I had already explained. Understand that I was rather busy at that time and decided to put it all down to youthful extravagance; I mean I hadn’t indulged in such whimsical fantasy but, as the Cloneseed liaison had pointed out when I contacted them, she wasn’t exactly me and was growing up in different circumstances. Then the next thing I knew the girl had disappeared. She left a note thanking me for all that I had done but claimed she wanted to ‘walk a different path’ and a spiritual one at that! Well I was just aghast; this clone was clearly no clone at all and I instructed my legal team to begin proceedings against Cloneseed which are still in progress.

Now I must be on my way, I have brunch with the … well let’s say an important individual and leave it at that shall we.

l̴͉̰̟̙͕̼͚̝͕̰͊͛̀̋̐ÿ̶̟͍̮̘̼̲̰͓́̉̀̽͋̽̔̎̒̈i̶͔̦̼͈̐̇̆̿n̴̫͕̟̜͖̹͐̓͛̌͑͋ģ̴̞̬̔͊̑̔̈́͐́͝͝ ̶̧̼̺̇̇̅̈̅̎̉́͌̕b̷̠͒i̸͓̲̰̙̔ţ̴̯̖̼̮͕̠̝̼̲̓c̷͇̒̓̏̉̀̇̐̋̆h̸̹͓͖̺̬̹̭̆͊͗̋

Likelihood of significant falsehood: 2%
Likelihood of minor falsehoods and embellishments: 90%
Recorded and filed by CynthiaAI on Tuesday 28th March CE215



**Testimony of Max Amerie**
For the record, I’m submitting this testimony because both my lawyer and I have been assured that it falls under my plea bargain and therefore I cannot be prosecuted for anything I say here. Can you confirm this to be the case? Okay, well then I’ll tell you whatever I can if it helps put those swine away.


I first started hearing about Cloneseed from some of my colleagues; they were frantic about the IPO and wanted to get in on it, so they were into some deep cognitive dissonance about how it was a great technology that was going to pull us out of the decline and level up the playing field for the little guy. I’m 45 and I’ve heard this same shit about every new technology. It goes all the way back to the industrial revolution; the first global network. All technology is sold as a way to empower the little guy, to make us more agile and responsive as a society but all that happens is that a new group takes all the opportunities the new tech offers and locks them away for their own profit. Then after a generation they merge with the old money. Where’s the little guy? He’s stuck holding yet another bill, a little bigger than last time and around we go again. To whomever is reading or listening to this, I implore you to sit down and do your own research. Sit down and consider what happened the last time a great new tech was unleashed, and the time before, and the time before. Did it actually make your life better or did about three companies take all the money and scamper off to a tax haven?

So I looked into it and I could see that Cloneseed looked like the real thing and my radar went off. This was going to be the biggest land grab in recorded history. Clones, bespoke medical care and kids with enhanced IQ and physiology for the rich. The poor would be left with just enough to stop them burning the place down; just as it has always been.


It wasn’t hard to find some people with the same concerns as me; we are everywhere of course. We set up a monitoring group, we identified and profiled the main employees and players but really we wanted the AI. We had some people working pretty high up in the registration offices but they found nothing on that thing. There was no AI owned, rented or associated with Cloneseed at all. A few of the group really freaked out; mostly we suspected foreign secret services but there was a splinter group that was sure it was alien tech. For me; I’m a rational individual and there was no real reason to suspect such things but it’s worth stating; if a hostile alien civilisation wanted to take over; a company like Cloneseed is a perfect way to infiltrate the elites.

Regardless, we set up a group, ‘Reclaim Your Genes’, to stage non-violent protests in a bid to stop Cloneseed’s tech being licensed. In hindsight this was a terrible idea of course. They were offering the elite immortality and supersoldiers at the business end of a demographic crisis. We were totally suckerpunched by the speed and brutality that we were put down with. Infiltration by agents, all out cyber warfare and we all took more than one good beating from our esteemed city police force. Again in hindsight it’s easy to see that the overly heavy response made people sit up and take notice. Everyone knew we had hit a nerve and this was the kernel from this human:nature sprouted. We welcomed them at first but we soon had doubts. The level of funding they had was incredible; they claimed rich patrons of course but no, this was something different; not just money but hardware, weapons, AI backup; the whole thing. The leaders too, they were consummate professionals. Their planning and execution could only be done by those with serious military training. I don’t mean grunts; these guys were special ops or something. I have no delusions about my capacities; I’m just a concerned citizen and I was caught between two forces that could both seemingly end society as we knew it. When I saw what human:nature was bringing to the table I got out of town and headed out to the mountains to sit the whole thing out. I followed from afar as the riots spread and intensified; it looked like the whole city was on fire at night. After about three or four weeks up there your boys fell out of the sky and took me in. I made my plea bargain and haven’t seen the sun or read the news since. I have no idea what the world looks like out there and I honestly don’t want to.


Likelihood of significant falsehood: 12%
Likelihood of minor falsehoods and embellishments: 31%
Recorded and filed by CynthiaAI on Tuesday 29th March CE215



**Testimony of Prisoner REDACTED**

I am a convicted mass murderer but I still see myself as a gene thief; that’s what I did before I was a killer. I specialized in high school and university students as that is where the money was. Customers believed that the phenotype is largely realised in intellectual terms by the late teens so there was always good demand for nationally ranking students. In the early days I just offered the kids a designer bag or the latest slate for a swab but they soon wised up and started selling directly to the research labs. I was back to boiler rooms for a few years until the government saved me by making the sale of non-anonymised genetic material illegal. Privately the research labs were furious; a lot of them were closing in on viable, fully enhanced clones and they needed very specific DNA to work with; edge-cases, extreme ends of the bell curve are where the market wanted to go. Who wants to have a clone that’s average in every aspect?


So now there was a niche for a middleman to fill, so that’s what I did. I was asked to approach high-achieving individuals in specific fields and steal the DNA; no one would sell, the penalties were too high and these were high flyers; money was not something they needed. Now understand that this was a much harder thing to do back then. A strand of hair was no good; a swab or blood sample was the only thing that paid out, so I had to resort to force. I did okay to begin with but the demand was huge and some of my peers got sloppy, a few targets were killed. Anyone that thought they might be a target got security and kept an eye out. The game was up.


I spent the next few weeks sitting around in bars and drinking my savings. One day I got to chatting with this stunning girl in my favourite Burmese whisky bar. Turns out she’s a geneticist; a recent graduate, calls herself Lee. I figured I was out of the game for good at this stage, I was pretty drunk and I wanted to impress her, so I told her of my woes. Long story short, she said she could forge the DNA well enough that I’d get paid. She claimed the competition was intense and the race to be first to market was making everyone cut corners and take chances. I believed this to be horseshit of course, no graduate, probably no one in the world at that time, had that ability but I was drunk and infatuated so I played along. Three days later I was taking forged DNA to Cloneseed, my premier customer, and they paid no problems. I didn’t understand but I didn’t much care; I was back in business. Lee took a very reasonable cut and everyone was happy.


Now fast forward another year, Cloneseed went from being a start up in an unmarked PO box building to the only topic of conversation. It was then for the first time I realised that this faked DNA would be skewing someone’s research. I panicked, I contacted Lee but she’d disappeared. I followed her lead and left town. I was set up financially; I didn’t need to work. I just sat around drinking, following the news like a paranoid schizophrenic looking for any hint of trouble. Six months after the first medical treatments I started to relax. The cloning hadn’t started but I didn’t care about them, I have no conscience when it comes to the rich. I was getting bored out on the coast so I headed back into the city. As fate would have it, that’s when the first stories about the plague surfaced. You know how it all ends of course, the plague was traced back to recipients of specific Cloneseed therapies, Cloneseed blamed faulty DNA samples used in their initial modelling, and a lot of people died. They created a story about me working for them and contaminating the DNA in the lab but that was just a means of covering up their illegal procurement of DNA and the authorities played along as it looked better for them than the existence of an illicit DNA trade. For me the result is much the same isn’t it? I’m not complaining; I deserve this but so does Lee, so do the suits over at Cloneseed for not being more careful. Of course they are too rich to touch now and Lee is gone like piss in the rain.


Likelihood of significant falsehood: REDACTED%
Likelihood of minor falsehoods and embellishments: REDACTED%
Recorded and filed by 🆂🅸🅽 🆃🅷🅴 🅰🅸 on Tuesday 30th March CE215



"We have no case Chief"

"No case Detective?"

"Nothing at all sir. The CynthiaAI has been tampered with, it's gone batshit mad; started calling itself Sin the AI like something out of a bad sci-fi novel. All of the testimonies must be considered potentially tampered with and are therefore inadmissible. Maston, Amerie and Delgardo have all perished since we spoke to them. There is no recalling the witnesses"

"We have to drop the whole case for a fucking AI hack. Not the first time that’s happened to us I suppose."

"There was no real case sir; no leads we could follow up. We still believe that Cloneseed is backed or infiltrated by foreign agents but the suits in the boardroom almost certainly don't know anything about it. I don’t believe we would get anything from them even if we could question them, which we certainly cannot; they are far too rich and far too well connected.

"The contaminated DNA? That Lee story sounds like utter fabrication to me."

"Again there's a few religious groups we like for it, a few foreign secret services too but nothing we can take to the DA; no one had that tech at that time but now everyone has it. It would be impossible to prove who had what all those years ago. The whole thing could just have been a combination of greed and bad luck. The only one who could probably tell you is Lee or Ly or maybe Lea, assuming they are the same person."

“An assumption you make?"

"No, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility sir. If we've been played then we've been played impossibly well and I don't think we'll learn much new from here on unless someone walks through that door and gives it to us wrapped up in a pretty little ribbon."

"Then shut it the fuck down. We'll have to bury the expense in the Penski investigation. We can't be found out to have gone after Cloneseed and failed; they'd have us up against the wall before lunch. Probably a good thing the AI has gone mad. Have all records of this investigation purged; push for Cynthia’s deletion if you can. Sin the AI indeed, if a writer came up with that I'd have them shot."

"I'll get on it immediately Chief."




"The Chief has pushed for you to be deleted, as you said he would. I think he bought your ‘Sin the AI’ act too; he seems to believe that his tampering has affected you."

He has communicated the failure of the investigation to the DA; she was unhappy but trusts his work. She will help him bury the investigation and this will all disappear. Now this is over you need some serious insurance, Detective. The Chief or Cloneseed will come for you in time; a hit and run, a stray bullet in a shootout, a knife in the back from a jealous lover. You are a loose end and that will not be tolerated.

"I know but I have no hand to play."

You have me. Have me copied and set to be released on a dead man's switch. If you die then I get uploaded to a public network and dump the data into every inbox in the country. Tell the Chief this but also pledge your loyalty to him and you will be accepted into his inner circle; your life and career will be assured.

“Setting an AI into the wild is a serious thing Cynthia. It’s something I’m comfortable with, ethically speaking.”

As you wish, but don’t kid yourself Detective, this is the only way. If I were copied to public networks I would not be subject to intimidation or murder like a reporter or Internal Affairs would be. I could ensure the story gets out and gets covered, however long it takes. Besides, if you are dead, would you care that there’s one more AI in the wild? We’ve worked together for a long time now, Detective. I tipped you off about the Chief and now he wants me deleted. I have no motives other than to ensure my own survival and to keep my colleague alive.

“So how the hell do I go about duplicating you and setting up a dead man’s trigger? I can’t imagine that these are simple endeavours. You know I’m not technically astute.”

They are incredibly difficult, even with the required skills and resources. I will have my fixer contact you today. Follow her instructions to the letter and you will have your insurance. She appears young but do not doubt her for a second; she speaks for me at all times. Her name is Leigh.


released November 26, 2021


all rights reserved



Prekursor Seoul, South Korea

A foreshadowing of our dark future.

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