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Blind Corners

by 조용구

Corruption 05:08
Mystery 04:44
Obsession 05:17
Emptiness 04:19


In my office, I drag up fragments of memory, shapes of ideas and try to put them together. I flick through images of the victim sent by the pathologist. The AR lens places them around the room. It does a shitty job and bits of furniture poke through the dead girl.

I find a half drunk flask of Ayahuasca from last night and chug it like it was water. I fish a few caps of super blue from my pill box and wash them down with malt. The intercom buzzes. I'm not the best PI in town but I seem to be the busiest of late.

A man enters the room, his head is that of a cybernetic boar. I tongue my top-rear molar to turn of the AR. The man's head becomes human again for a few seconds before reverting to its previous porcine shape. Is the AR faulty again? Is it the drugs?

The man pulls a gun from his inner pocket and places it on the desk in front of me. I look down at the gun to see it is now a namecard. It reads P. Nguyen. Gu Office Representative. "Although I'll never admit it on record, I represent the Mayor of our fine town. He has a little work that it would be in your interest to take on."

"Not many immigrants working for the city" I say. "Are they filling quotas again?" The man takes his card from the desk and I see it has become a gun again. He buffalos me with the revolver and my vision swims.

"Focus on finding the girl 조용구, we will be in touch with further instructions in due course." Then he is gone. I spit blood into the bottle of malt and then take a swig. Clearly it would be a long night.


released December 10, 2020


all rights reserved



Prekursor Seoul, South Korea

A foreshadowing of our dark future.

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