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The City Mix 01:02:13


60 minute blend of music from label artists Skunkworx, Dead Channels, Clear State, 조용구, Cloneseed, 碳凤凰, Psychik Nukes and more; including unreleased material and exclusive remixes.


The city has many moods. Conventions are broken, victims are sacrificed, miracles occur.

The social and commercial mechanisms that have successfully allowed humanity to retain a semblance of normality after the biomass failures of the second century CE have embedded and a fragile status quo is established. Yet humanity continues to teeter on the brink of self-annihilation, the population continues to age and shrink and multiple new threats accompany every advance.

For some the sheer weight of the past devours the future; they are unable to escape its gravity. The cultural mass of the past warps tomorrow's unfulfilled promise, leaving them to wrestle with the scraps of the past - recovered DNA, endless revivals, dead channels. A temporal fernweh coupled with an ingrained sense of solastalgia wreaks havoc on the souls of all but the wise and reckless.

Others shun the past, their ancestors, the old gods. Embracing the future with a religious zeal, as our only chance of redemption. AI deities, fixers, biohacking and virtual worlds proliferate. The past was a failure, our weaknesses baked into our DNA. Humanity’s phenotype is too sociopathic and shortsighted to be allowed to remain unaltered. War has been declared on humanity’s shortcomings and on any who would fight this great change.

Finally there are those who remain untouched and unconcerned about the changes in the world around them. They take life as they find it, seeking whatever pleasures they can. Hedonism perfected by science and unregulated markets. The Spire, game worlds, cosmetic perfection, lost regions and bounty hunting. We have something for everyone.

Welcome to the city, welcome to Shinja


released April 14, 2022


all rights reserved



Prekursor Seoul, South Korea

A foreshadowing of our dark future.

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